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The first time I heard Tony Scott’s name, I had a strong premonition we would meet one day and it would be grand.

While he was shooting a commercial in the Florida Keys,  I was getting my feet wet, working as a production assistant in Miami.  Our work paths did not intersect for five years but when they did, it launched one of the most cherished encounters in my life. Read the rest of this entry »

A British Breakfast of Champions

photo and blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

With temperatures soaring in Southern California, it’s enough to scorch anyone’s appetite. A chill sound whispers in my ear, prompting a rethink of my plans to attend The Second Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Show (August 9 – 12).  Ditto the Doheny Surf Festival.

Far from the maddening crowds of LA,  there are gentler, coastal breezes.  To cool down, I accept a Laguna Beach reprise.

A spectacle of champions – called the XXX Olympiad – is in progress more than 5,000 miles away with 10,500 top performance athletes in attendance.  In fact, London’s brilliant celebration has been hosting winners for two weeks non-stop.

The London of 2012, has never looked so beautiful as it did last Sunday (during the Marathon). While world-class competitors made their way down The Mall, passing St James and Green Parks (my favorite )through the City of Westminster by iconic landmarks – Buckingham Place, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the House of Parliament I feel enriched by its grace, its majesty and the sheer splendor of it all.


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Egg Royale at Petrossian Restaurant
















blog and photos by Robyn Wyman-Dill

Deep in the heart of Santa Ana, California, the Bowers Museum has been enriching its community with the world’s finest art since 1936.

Thanks to Target Corporation, proud sponsors of “Target Free Days First Sundays”,  FABERGÉ: IMPERIAL JEWELER TO THE TSARS  is free to the public the first Sunday of every month. The exhibition – which runs through January 6, 2013 – is worthy of a journey there. Read the rest of this entry »