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Natural Born Rock N’ Rollers

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

It is odorless, non-sticky and with proper usage will last a minimum of two years.  It is painless and stainless and a bargain – priced at under $15 a pop.  Esteemed for its natural, hypo-allergenic properties – it contains no harmful aluminum chlorohydrates, aluminum zirconium, phthalates or parabens. Best of all, it never falters from being 100% natural and effective. No wonder the ranting, Radio Rock Star Howard Stern loves the ‘Rock’.  We do too.

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Stress Buster

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

It’s springtime in the desert sands of Southern California. With temperatures hovering in the mid-eighties – during the day – now is a prime time to visit the world-famous resorts of the ‘inland empire’.  Deep in the heart of Coachella Valley – Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indian Wells and Desert Hot Springs – await us.   Read the rest of this entry »

Nature’s Amenities

photo and blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill


As winter showers finish their cycle – washing Earth clean – nature wakes up to Spring in Southern California,   The rains have brought  a lot of nourishment to the environment. Now, it is about as enriched as it gets with ecosystems – flourishing. Even the goddess of flowering plants is showing off a bit.  Everywhere I stare, my world is coming up roses, so to speak. Best of all – when you breath air – it is totally rejuvenating.

Brought to shore – on the wings of ocean breezes –  the air is crisp and clean now.  Perfect for inhaling.  That’s why I am hooked on Strands Beach. Read the rest of this entry »

While the Elephant Gently Weeps

by Robyn Wyman-Dill

February’s over.  In tinseltown, the red carpets are neatly stacked for another season as business gets back to business and Oscars settle into their new homes.  February – a month when lovers court love on Valentine’s Day – is also a time when Cupid prompts romance and the eating of chocolate.  A lot of eating of chocolate, inspiring a call to action in March.  We ask you to join us while you are working off these sweet indulgences in an urgent effort to stop the sale of illegal ivory tusks.

The massacre of elephants around the world is escalating.  At the rate it is going, elephants will become extinct in the wild in less than five years. Read the rest of this entry »