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Seven Olive Sins

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill                                                                                  


It’s gala season for the arts in southern California. Last weekend, Mission San Juan Capistrano hosted an exquisite benefit gala on the very grounds where a humble grape seedling – brought over from Spain in the 1770s – grew up to become the first domestic wine produced in California. While just down the road, the South Coast Repertory raised their glasses in celebration of their 50th anniversary season on the theatre’s patio garden. (During the gala benefit, it was announced that Folino Theatre Center will be renamed David Emmes and Martin Benson Theatre Center  in honor of SCR’s co-founders, David Emmes and Martin Benson). The next day, the red carpets traveled to Los Angeles where they were quickly assembled into a landing strip for the designer footwear attending the Emmy Awards Show. On behalf of those of us who watched the Emmys, thank you Kevin Spacey.  For being so much fun!  The show’s best moments belonged to you, my friend.  (I am eternally flattered to have been included in the man’s posse of Facebook friends).

Behind the curtains and the candelabra  Hollywood partied hearty into Monday morning while I ate assorted olives.  Kalamatas, cerignolas, nicoises, and picholines.  I suspect that you’ve seen the sorts I mean. The ones in the vats soaking in olive oil and brine sauces near the deli section at your local supermarket store.  Well, suddenly I’ve become passionate about them.  I eat them at lunch and I eat them at dinner.  I snack on them working at the computer and watching television.  At what point do I declare myself an addict to the world and not open the refrigerator?  Read the rest of this entry »

The Man Who Made A Difference – Remembering RAC

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

What a yin time it’s been for Americans. (Yin symbolizes the negative nature of things.)

The nation’s psyche took a dive into deep analysis in September, as drumbeats resounded with possible war.  That caused a frenzy in newsrooms across the nation. Then chat shows geared up, blabbing the poetry of ‘to be seized or not to be seized’ from panel experts on weapons of mass destruction. Generating uncertainty.  Fear.  In the middle of such dismal onslaughts, Americans pulled themselves together to honor 9/11.  This is my homage to the day and – in particular – remembrance of a great American hero.  The man who made a difference, Writer/Producer  Robert A. Cinader. Read the rest of this entry »

Auf Wiedersehen Julie C.

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As a little girl growing up in Germany, I became bewitched by Actress Julie Christie’s naturally gorgeous looks and took a shine to dining on wiener schnitzels.  One is a very thin, breaded, deep fried veal. The other – a very tiny(5’2”), deeply talented, Brit bred, 60s icon. Over the years, these gratifying staples in my ‘diet’  have maintained their sacred status –  until recently. Read the rest of this entry »