Fade Into Maroon 5

blog by Robyn Wyman-dill

FADE IN: July 22, 2011, CHULA VISTA, CA. Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, Maroon 5 with Kevin DeGraw. Tonight will be the night that shines pockets of light on me. I can feel it. It will be my first Meet and Greet and I’m excited. The occasion will also be my first Maroon 5 concert, which is kicking of their North American tour. It marks my second time sighting of Jesse Carmichael in over 20 years. First in this decade. (The primo tics have been provided by Jesse Carmichael, keyboard player and son of Director/Cameraman Bob Carmichael, who I had worked with in television commercials.) My twenty-something year old dates tonight are Miranda, who is my best friend’s daughter, and Miranda’s best friend, who shall remain anonymous. Because she is anonymous content, after all.

Now I’m sitting in the backseat of a BMW M3 convertible cruising down Interstate 5 on a late Friday afternoon in late July. It is cramped quarters and I am thinking to myself, ‘I have a good life and the views are spectacular.’ From where I’m seated, it looks like there are no bumps or bums in the road ahead either.

Ordinarily a certain amount of primping is needed to settle down that windswept look. In my case, the windswept look is an improvement. But based on habit and popular vote, the first place we’re headed is the bathroom. By the time we finish sprucing up, the Meet and Greet session is over.

A long story shortened, I hate to disappoint. So I think about a pocket of light. Where people like to congregate for the soul purpose of being happy. Then I state my case to deliberate creation so it can get busy. It works like pixie dust every time. Several smoozing seconds later, we are shown the open door.

We are now inside the plastic tent behind the stage. Asphalt – lined with astroturf red carpets – to give it that celebrity look. It just needs a little atmosphere like belly dancers and Persian carpets to fill in all those empty spaces. Then it becomes clear that inside here, we are completely alone. Until we turn a corner.

It has been documented on an iPhone but never posted. We just can’t get the friend who shall remain anonymous, after all, to forward it to us. For five full minutes, we held Maroon 5 captive. Inside the plastic tent behind the stage which calls for belly dancers. A gentle breeze rolls in. Followed by, it was an amazing show. One that will go down in the books for showing off the band’s superior skills as musicians and entertainers.

Move Like Jagger soon became my favorite happy tune. It’s made me want to dance, dance, dance. One time, it was on the ballroom floor of DTWS in a whole crowd of people.

Over the years, Maroon 5 tunes would play on the radio a lot. Then one day our six degrees of separation(I don’t think Kevin Bacon had anything to do with it.) would circle back.  In the form of PJ Morton in New Orleans, five years later.

Stay tuned.

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