Orlando On Parade

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We begin this week in June in the aftermath of tragedy. Which, thankfully, has motivated a backlash of kindness. Let’s reflect for the moment. It is clear to us that an oily darkness is dimming our pockets of light. Attacking spaces where all kinds of people like to congregate for the sole purpose of feeling happy. Nothing wrong with that. I mean wanting to be happy. Now at the epicenter for family fun…the other OC(There are nine Orange counties in the US.)lies Orlando and it is loaded with more than a dozen theme parks, most notably Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. It is also the town where 49 people died in the deadliest mass murder in US history. And set off a tidal wave of bad luck. Read the rest of this entry »

At the Trailhead of Two Stories

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We are sliding down the calendar into Halloween week with a waxing moon expanding into the first lunar quarter.  Everywhere you turn, orange is the dominant color, especially in the desert terrain of Coachella Valley.  Where the Mexican Birds of Paradise bushes are now in bloom and looking spectacular.  Much like the seasonal influx of colder weather tourists, the tropical plant has learned how to adapt and regenerate in Palm Spring’s windy vortex and dryer climate. Which leads us to the trailhead one of our two stories about  the region’s first settlers.  The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. Read the rest of this entry »

I Wonder at a Wonder of the World

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There are seven wonders of the ancient world, medieval world and modern world made by man. There are seven wonders of the industrial world and – seven national wonders of Portugal, Wales, and Serbia plus seven other countries. In 2001, the New7Wonders of the world list would join  the wonderland ranks. Another list with the internet came later.

I saw my very first wonder when I was eight and it made me smile.  All because it looked like a gigantic, collapsed wedding cake, titling to one side.  (Which I thought was representative of an individual, leaning away from the norm.)  Waggish in appearance, it stood eight stories high – surrounded by blue Tuscan skies – which seemed hugely impressive from a little girl’s perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

Art Attacks

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Coming back from pleasurable Palm Springs into the high-wired pockets of Orange and Los Angeles countries has put me in a funk – as I struggle with my soulless surroundings.  Here territories of monotonous tract housing cast shadows of malaise – dulling the breathtaking beauty of the terrain. And native plants – like California Chalk Dudleya – are readily uprooted to make room for non-native English gardens and Cape Cod mansions. Turning landscapes – ripe with character – into manicured perfection.  Maintained by a monopoly of Mexican gardeners.

A marine layer of conservative thinking now hugs the shoreline.  Erasing signs of individualism with Botox injections.

My unsettled senses remain vulnerable to my discontent.  Especially with the people.  Here rudeness is the new polite. Embraced by a stronghold of self-centered, clipped to perfection residents.  And, I ponder…  am I one of them – rude, rushed, self-absorbed and superficial – or is my parachute a completely different color?  

To lighten my funk, I turn my focus away from this republic of rude people to seek the greener pastures of artistic expression here – starting with the Along the Coast Artists Studio Tour.

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Martini Madness and the Marine Mammal Refugees

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Ten years ago, the 2004 Tsunami pummeled the shorelines of 14 countries, killing over 230,000 people.  On another side of the globe, I was strolling the sands of Aliso Creek Beach at the coastline of Laguna Beach, California. These thoughts occurred to me while I was visiting the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.  A rescue sea lion and seal facility.

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A Dip in a Desert Oasis

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Since our blog began we’ve explored the benefits of bottled at the source, Mountain Valley Mineral Spring Water and the masterful coupling of thirst-quenching San Pellegrino Mineral Water with the intense taste of rich blood orange juice  We took you on a road trip, stopping for a dip in stressbuster waters.     

Thanks to the powerful energy of a positive vortex, we decided to return for a dip in those very pools of stressbuster water…aka mineral water – at the source in Desert Hot Springs, California.

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