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Midsummer Hotspots for Fun

blog by Robyn Wyman-dill

Now that we are moving into mid-month in the summer stretch, it is a fine time for celebrating outdoors. Last week, while Britain weighed out of the EU and then the MPs seceded too – by resigning their posts in large numbers – an outdoors tradition stayed calm and carried on without a hitch. Proving that in times of troubled waters, Royal Ascot and our habits help keep us on course.

Last week the ‘Top Hat & Thoroughbreds’ event saw the usual set of horse-loving Royals and my cousins – who were dining on poached salmon and drinking champagne on the scrappy lawn in the Royal Enclosure within striking distance of Her Majesty’s Special Guest Tent. (Being a members-only section of real estate, you have to cut the mustard to be afforded the chance to dine outdoors on the scrappy lawn within striking distance of Her Majesty’s Special Guests tent. This requires that you submit an application and be sponsored by a member first to be granted admission.) At Ascot, the dress code is excellent attire.While hats on parade are required. It’s very dignified, however. If you do attend you will see the most beautiful horses in the world strut their stuff around the racetrack and the Queen making her entrance with a carriage ride down the course. The only foible is the weather which can turn on you in a flash. Ruffling all that fussy plumage.

I remember fighting the wind with my over-sized hat when I attended Ascot. I never hated a hat so much as I did that hat after that day of struggling so hard to keep it on. Meanwhile the rest of my clothes were mounting a ‘war-drobe’ rebellion.When I wasn’t pulling my heels out of the ground, I was tackling with my jacket, trying to make it stretch. A feeling deep in my bones settled in on me. A feeling yearning for a blanket. I thought about southern California on the other side of the rainbow. “Where the Turf Meets the Sands,” 20 miles south of San Diego, I imagined Del Mar basking in the California sun as it prepares for its 79th season. The Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day will be held July 15, this year. It is a hat day to remember. One that is loaded with broad brims.   Read the rest of this entry »

A Queen, A Prince and His Beautiful Pharaoh

blog by Robyn Wyman-dill

With the calendar now inching deeper into fall season, I would like to bid adieu to my favorite month of the year in the western hemisphere – September.  Which I remember ended on a good note.  Thank you. Read the rest of this entry »

Surfin’ Safari With Me

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

From the east, we head west at a speed of 500 miles an hour.  As we rise in the skies, Manhattan’s corporate peaks – below us – grow tiny and then disappear.  Forging through the clouds, our flight is bound for blonder sunsets off the shores of southern California.  Let’s go Surfin’ USA., awaits us – three thousand miles away.

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Trouble in Mother Lode

by Robyn Wyman-Dill

Violence is like a disease. What it finds vulnerable, it likes. What it likes, it strikes.   Then it infects and weakens. Once it is successful, it spreads.

Like a disease, violence is eroding the quality of daily life.  Defeating the collective spirit of nations. While countries around the world are honoring the influence of mothers on Mother’s Day, it might be a good time to assess how mothers actually figure into all this mess.  Read the rest of this entry »

Por Koi

Photos and blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

Welcome to our water garden.  Home of the Koi country club. Where several centuries of selective breeding between the Asian carp and German carp weigh in as bonafide members.  Whose color mutations bare snow white and sunlight yellow, pumpkin orange, near-lavender and coal black in limitless combinations. With movements that create variations – yielding constantly shifting patterns of art.  And, scales that sparkle like diamonds.  It is quite a pond extravaganza.

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Orchid Envy

Photos by Robyn Wyman-dill                                                                                                                                                   



Del Mar Racetrack Sings this Song, Doo-da, Doo-da

blog by Robyn Wyman-Dill

We are at the mid-summer stretch in southern California. Our days are longer and fully occupied with brighter, sunnier skies. It’s short sleeves and sandal weather.  Now is the time for all good people to have some summer fun.  Most communities publish their calendar of events online.  Others put up banners and signs advertising outdoor concerts in parks, beaches and stadiums. In the seaside town of Del Mar, 20 miles south of San Diego, the “Where the Turf Meets the Sands”  Del Mar Racetracks opened its 75th season last Wednesday. It was a spectacular beginning to its 2012 eight-week season. Read the rest of this entry »


Blog and photos by Robyn Wyman-dill

Now that summer is in full swing, food fights are erupting across county lines in a battle for the coveted title of ‘best in innovative cuisine’.  The opportunities for you to partake in these culinary occasions are staggering.  In one week,  Southern California foodies savored a lineup of food and drink at “The Taste of Orange County,” “The Taste of Doheny” and San Diego’s “Taste of Summer.”  Not to be outdone, Los Angeles County’s finest are hosting “Club Culinaire of Southern California,” “The Second Annual Food & Wine Festival” and “The Taste,” in the weeks ahead.  As a food critic and restaurant reviewer, I’ve been crossing county lines – incognito – to seek out taste bud treasures.  Here’s my picks for the season.  Read the rest of this entry »