In the late 1790s, French gastronome Jean Brillat-Savarin introduced a new cuisine to America. He called it fondue. It would take little more than a 166 years to become a dining option here. This happened in 1956, when Fondue Bourguigononne debuted at the Swiss Chalet restaurant in New York. That's when Fondue turned a corner, entering into the realm of the gourmet faire...more


Picture a profusion of colors under a corridor of canopies. A cornucopia of fruits and vegetables that sing a song of savory tastes. Breathe in the aroma of foods cooking up a storm of flavors. Congratulations, you have arrived at the pearly gates of food heaven. Located at the corner of Gretna Green Way and San Vicente in Brentwood, here marks the spot for food worshippers....more


I feel certain I have found the magic of Italy tucked inside Santa Monica's newly arrived Villetta. It begins with an exuberant 'Buona Sera' from the immaculate wait staff lining its garden entry with their serving cloths neatly folded over their forearms. Wrought iron gates open onto a canopied, brick courtyard made fragrant by potted herbs, grapefruit and kumquat trees. I feel as though I have stepped inside someone's enchanted garden on the Amalfi coast as I'm being escorted to our table by co-owner/restaurateur Antonio De Cicco. The man has a natural flair for hospitality....more